​The White Hart

The Heart of Southgate

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Taste Your Way Around The World 

Light Bites
  1. The Jerk Off
    3 way BBQ'ed Chicken Wings
  2. Empanadas (Handmade South American Pies)
    Spicy Beef or Spicy Mixed Bean served with Tomato Salsa
  3. Fire Side Bruschetta
    with Marinated Tomato Basil and Mozarella
  4. Homemade Flat Breads
    with BBQ'ed Baba Ganoush, Tzatziki and Roasted Courgette with Basil Dip

​Street Food Sandwiches


  1. Banh Mi (Vietnamese Sandwich)
    Asian Style Seared Bun with Chicken, Spring Onion, Cucumber, Pickled Carrot, Radish, Coriander and Chilli
  2. Mediterranean
    Roasted and Marinaded Vegetarian Salad with Gorgonzola or Cured Manchego Cheese with Croutons
  3. Tabouli
    with Roasted Red Pepper and Feta