​The White Hart

The Heart of Southgate

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                          We host live events weekly...
**Open Mic Wednesdaysfrom 8:30pm, Jam Nights on Sunday, Games Nights, LIVE Music on weekends & much more (see our calendar)

      Our friendly staff will always be pleased to see you!
**Cool, professional staff, who know how to help you have a great night out

                                Waiting to schmooze you
 **Love your local, love your high street.

        The Kitchen has officially opened! 
**pop in and enjoy a light lunch or dinner. 

To stay up to date with what's on, our LIVE Event Nights are on our Calendar page, and LIVE Sports are shown on request. Do not hesitate to call us or pop in, we are always here to help.  
Boasting a great atmosphere, an outdoor viewing area, a large variety of utilities and ever more facilities are being added to this great local.

All the best,

The White Hart